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About Us

UAE Cosmetic T-island

Until recently, we, too, were looking to buy organic and natural cosmetics and faced a choice. Despite all the variety in the UAE market, it was not easy to find products that:

- boasted natural composition,

- safe for us and our loved ones,

- dealing with skin and hair problems efficiently,

- do not contain ingredients of animal origin,

- not tested on animals,

- produced with modern equipment in factory conditions, respecting all required internationally accepted norms and standards, and

- produced by manufacturers who support and conserve natural resources.


We had to compromise:

- wait for the long delivery time from overseas cosmetic shops,

- turning a blind eye to potentially hazardous ingredients, or

- spend a lot of money on organic cosmetic products already available in Dubai and the UAE market in general.


Since we founded our company in 2020, at T-island online cosmetics store, we set out to make safe cosmetics with organic ingredients and fast delivery available to everyone, not only in Dubai, but in all 7 emirates. Our journey has just begun, and we have big plans not only to expand our product range, but also to create a community of people who care about the health, safety and future of themselves and our planet by choosing sustainable skin and hair care products.


We strive to make T-island a safe and reliable island in the world of consumer products. We work hard to ensure that in T-island you can find not only safe, sustainable, proven, effective and yet inexpensive care products, but also a source of inspiration, care and acceptance.

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