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Why Natural Beauty doesn't have to be expensive?

From beauty products to produce, organic is often associated with being expensive. But does it have to?

Short answer: No, natural beauty products don’t have to be expensive. Natural and organic beauty should be pure and accessible to everyone. It's that simple.

Long answer: Many factors contribute to the (generally) higher prices of natural skincare and beauty products.

Many organic beauty brands charge more for their products because:
➕ organic ingredients, sourced in responsible ways, tend to cost more than their non-organic alternatives
➕ certified Organic farms need to comply with regulations, are subject to inspections by certifying agents
➕ organic beauty products tend to contain fewer “cheap” ingredients like water and emulsifiers, have more expensive natural preservatives, and no unnecessary chemicals
➕ Organic certified farms also, of course, need to use natural growing aids , which are more costly than the conventional alternative

Still, those factors alone shouldn’t result in the exorbitant cost of most natural and organic skincare, haircare, and other products.

❣The truth is that, when you buy organic skincare from most natural beauty brands, you are paying a lot of extra money for fancy certified labels, packaging and marketing that makes you believe organic beauty products are luxury items.

There’s no doubt that simple, affordable, clean ingredients can have a powerful positive effect on your skin — you don’t need all the bells and whistles in order to take care of your skin without the harmful chemicals.

The key is sorting through suppliers who are ‘doing the right thing’ without jumping through hoops with those bells and whistles.

In T-Island cosmetics we look for, research, test, certify and bring for you these affordable, yet reliable organic and natural personal care products.
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