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Why is babies' skin more sensitive?

The epidermis of babies (the layer that performs the protective function) is 2-3 times thinner than that of older children and adults. 

Sweat glands  in a small child's skin are very dense, and their number is sometimes 6-7 times greater than in an adult. Infant skin has a well-developed network of capillaries and vessels, allowing substances to be easily absorbed. Water-soluble substances pass through children's skin more easily than through the skin of adults. You can say that the child literally breathes through the skin.

Thus, children's skin is very delicate, thin and easily vulnerable, susceptible to microbes and toxic substances, prone to violations of water balance, sensitive to negative environmental influences. That's why correct daily skin care is especially important for children. It should be carried out with the use of delicate products for children's hygiene, such as Baby Body Wash and Baby Shampoo by Organics Buddy which you can purchase by contacting us in DM.

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