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Why cosmetics from Thailand?

So, why Thailand?

Our goal is to supply safe reliable products and keep prices affordable, so we are looking at the Southeast Asian market, which is booming in cosmetics right now. And Thailand is a leader in this trend.

Many major world-renowned brands are producing their cosmetics on an OEM basis in factories in Thailand, which are equipped with the latest equipment and apply the highest international standards and practices. Also personal care products from Thailand are created especially for hot and humid climates.

Why to buy overpriced brands? When a product is expensive, it is easy to think its quality is superior. While this might be true for some products, it is not always for cosmetics.  Skincare ingredients are quite cheap. The backbone of a cosmetic formulation is composed by the first 4/5 ingredients mentioned in the list. Buying expensive skincare, you’re basically paying for their flashy packaging, celebrity endorsements, retail locations, and advertising.

In T-Island Cosmetics we aim to bring high quality reliable products with clinically proven results, minimal use of plastic and no harsh chemicals.

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