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What will be left behind?

This may sound like a rhetorical question, but ...
we are trying to "ecologize" our business.

♻️ It doesn't matter what you do. Maybe you sell music band merch or make the world's tastiest cheese toast. There are plenty of offers, but only a few companies that take a responsible approach to their eco-footprint. You can be one of them!

♻️ What our team does:
- We select brands that contribute to preserving and maintaining the environment
- We choose our materials and packaging responsibly. We use kraft bags and boxes, and we choose recycled paper for print products. We do not and will not have colorful boxes, satin ribbons and colorful filler.
- We have organized separate waste collection in our space (office and home)
- We will help customers minimize their own eco-footprint
- We are always on the lookout for eco-initiatives that we can get involved in
- We believe that the business can not only generate income, but also contribute to the eco-community and that our customers, employees and colleagues will become part of our common cause.

Try to implement some of 40 Eco Habits for Every Day. Download on our website in the Eco Tips section.
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