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The Skin Benefits of Yoga: Achieving an Inner Glow

Of course, we all know yoga regular practice will help you improve your posture and strength, increase your physical health, drop your blood pressure, or ease aches and pains.
But did you know it will also benefit your skin tone and complexion?
Things like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, junk food, the high levels of stress and anxiety, and all the weird snack combinations that girls and women tend to eat while PMS-ing is all shiny roads right into Pimpleville.
So go ahead and twist it out! A challenging yoga session will increase your sweat production levels, which may sound gross, but is an excellent way of ejecting all the residue toxins from your body.
Moreover, yoga is widely famous for helping us calm down, and when we’re relaxed, the blood flows more freely and can nourish all the organs better – including the skin.
Also, the relaxing effect of yoga reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to cause acne outbreaks.
And finally, regular yoga practice can work wonders for your digestion. Believe it or not, people with digestion problems will often have a particularly off look to their skin – pale, grayish, yellowish, sticky, etc. – while proper digestion has a dramatically positive effect on the skin, giving it that nice healthy glow.

Now you have more reasons to bring yoga to your daily routine and keep it there!
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