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Love is......

On the approach of International Valentine's Day, we wanted to talk about love.
There is nothing more pleasant than talking about love. To avoid pathos, hackneyed phrases and clichés, we suggest turning to the sayings of those💟 whose sayings have become a sign of their time. They are as different as the people who expressed these words.

💟 "Love is when you want to experience all four seasons with someone. When you want to run with someone from a spring thunderstorm under lilacs strewn with flowers, and in summer to pick berries and swim in the river. In the fall, to make jam together and tape up the windows from the cold. In winter, to help get through a runny nose and long evenings..." ©Ray Bradbury

💟 "It's easier to live without love . . but without it there is no meaning."©Leo Tolstoy

💟 "One man can't get enough of one woman, so he switches to a fifth, a tenth. And another doesn't have enough life to love the one and only." ©Konstantin Khabensky

💟 "Old age cannot protect against love, but love will easily protect against old age." ©Coco Chanel

💟 "Giving love is far more important than receiving it." ©Audrey Hepburn

💟 "Love provides an explanation for this world." ©Oscar Wilde

💟 "I am not writing to ask you to come, I am writing to warn you: I will always be waiting." ©Frederic Beigbeder

Would you agree with them?

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