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Guide to Summer Skin Care

It's the most important, fundamental, don't-leave-home-without-it tip: Wear sunscreen. Each of our experts recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on all exposed skin (hands, feet, ears, and lips).
☀️ Lighten up your skin-care routine.
If you're not wearing a winter coat, why should your skin? Skin-care routine may need to be a little more lightweight. Swap out a heavier cleanser in favor of a gentle option.
☀️ Adopt a dual-purpose moisturizer.
You could consider switching to a combination moisturizer and sunscreen during the summer.
☀️ But don't stop moisturizing completely.
That extra layer of sweat on your face does not count as a moisturizer. Even if your skin already feels oily, you should always follow cleansing with a moisturizer.
☀️ Invest in a good vitamin C serum.
Vitamin C is great year-round, but all the more important in the summer. Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of fine lines, and can help with collagen production. Layer a few drops on your skin between cleansing and moisturizer.
☀️ Don't forget to exfoliate.
That doesn't mean a daily dose of all your favorite acids, but try slowly increasing the amount of days you exfoliate per week.
☀️ Cut down your tub time.
Between workouts, beach days, and plain old summer sweat, many of us shower more than once a day during the summer. Keep showers short, around four to five minutes. Over-showering, or showering in water that is too hot, can lead to over-drying your skin, leading to inflammation and even summertime eczema.
☀️ Make sure your makeup is noncomedogenic.
Take a close look at your makeup product labels and only keep those that are noncomedogenic. That's a fancy word for a product formulated without pore-clogging ingredients.
☀️ Stay in the shade.
All our experts recommend their patients wear sun-protective clothing, wide-brim hats, and sunglasses in the sun. We don't expect you to wear a long-sleeve shirt for a hot day at the beach, but be mindful to expose as little of your body as possible to direct sunlight. That might mean sitting underneath an umbrella, wearing an extra-large hat, or avoiding the midday sun.
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