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Five pillars of IKIGAI

Ikigai is anything that brings you joy – that first cup of tea of the day, walking the dog, mastering a new yoga move – and, crucially, it debunks the age-old notion that we should all be striving for bigger and better – the top job with the generous salary, that dream home, the perfect relationship, living our BEST LIFE EVER. Which frankly was exhausting, anyway. Instead, ikigai is about finding happiness and fulfilment in the small, mundane stuff. Here’s how to find your own ikigai and bounce out of bed every Monday…

There are five pillars that underpin the foundations of ikigai, and they are: Starting small, releasing yourself, harmony and sustainability, the joy of little things, and being in the here and now. Master those and you’re well on your way to nailing ikigai. As the lines between work and play become ever more blurred, its worth knowing that ikigai is where your job and your passions meet.
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