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COVID-19 Mask Recycling Initiatives From Across The Globe

Every month, around 129 billion disposable masks are used around the world. Large enterprises and independent researchers alike are now trying to come up with ways to recycle them.

Here are the current plans and execution of the COVID-19 Mask Recycling.

Australian researchers plan to turn single-use Covid masks into road material. Their research showed that using recycled face mask fibre to construct only one kilometer of the two-lane road will consume approximately 3 million masks, sparing 93 tonnes of waste from being disposed of in landfills.

A  group of researchers from India’s University of Petroleum and Energy Studies analysed the composition of masks, gloves, and other items to discover that they may be broken down into bio fuel at extreme temperatures.

Several hospitals in the United Kingdom have purchased a compactor that melts protective robes and surgical masks into blue slabs. After that, the material is utilised to create garden seats or tables.
The country has also been reincarnating masks as vehicle floor carpets.

In the US protective gear is repurposed into benches and New Jersey had recently seen a company, sell an $88 “zero waste box” for disposable masks.

Just under a year ago, more than 1.5 billion masks were found in the many oceans, which resulted in an additional 6,200 tonnes of marine plastic pollution.

The right method of disposal should be followed by every citizen and firm while also seeking ways to come forward and recycle them for a sustainable and virus free world.

Do you know about any masks recycling initiatives in UAE?
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