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Avocado - Super Fruit

At some point, the avocado became a king of super fruits and a must-have in our diet. But did you know exactly what benefits you can find from this green exotic fruit?

Avocados not only are super yummy, but they’re also super nutritious. With the green buttery flesh you get loads of nutrients and many health benefits:
- We all know how Omega-3 type fatty acids lower cholesterol and are good for the heart;
- Contains crucial for nervous system activity Potassium;
- Antioxidants from lutein, are great for eye health, as it prevents damage from UV light and reduces cataract degeneration;
- Fiber aids your digestion, metabolic process, and natural toxin expulsion, and can even contribute to weight loss.

And there are so many ways to enjoy all these benefits. My stomach grumbles just thinking about it.

Why use Avocado Oil for the benefits of your skin?
- Collagen production gets boosted by Essential fatty acids also aiding wounds;
- Moisturizes and keep skin from dehydrating thank to high containment of vitamin E;
- Beneficial fats also help skin retain elasticity and reduce signs of aging;
- Helps heal acne-prone skin and relieves redness having anti-inflammatory properties;
- Antioxidants, beta-carotene, and lecithin soothes sunburns and serve as a UV radiation skin shield.

Let's not forget about Avocado benefits for Hair:
- Moisturizes scalp and hair, preventing a flaky scalp and effectively reducing dandruff;
- Hair follicles are strengthened by Vitamins B and E, also relieving damage from chemical treatments;
- Essential fatty acids provide support to the hair shaft and prevent breakage;
- Protects from external negative influences like sunlight, chlorine, pollution, and keeping your hair from drying and fizzing out.

Everything said above works together in creating a great environment for hair growth if you also add the Super Food qualities of avocado.

Luckily our online store can help you experience all the benefits of avocado thanks to Common Ground products, which contain organic Avocado Oil and are free from nasty chemicals.


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