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Avocado - Super Fruit

Avocado for Skin

There are so many benefits you can find from this exotic, green fruit, we’ll just list out some of the wonders it has for our skin and why we chose it as one of our main ingredients:

Vitamin E that moisturizes and keep skin from dehydrating
Anti-inflammatory properties allowing it to help heal acne-prone skin and relieves redness
Essential fatty acids that encourages collagen production and aid wounds
Antioxidants, beta carotene and lecithin that soothe sunburns and shield skin from UV radiation
Beneficial fats that help skin retain elasticity and reduce signs of aging

Avocado for Hair

Benefits from avocado oil extract is almost endless. We’ve listed the pros it has for your skin and body, now it’s hair time:

○ Moisturizes hair and scalp, keeping you from getting a flaky scalp and effectively reduces dandruff
○ Vitamins B and E strengthen and heal hair follicles, as well as relieve damage from chemical treatments
○ Essential fatty acids provide support to the hair shaft and prevent breakage
○ Protection from external influences like sunlight, pollution, chlorine, keeping your hair from drying and fizzing out
○ Everything said above works together in creating a great environment for hair growth

As a Super Food

Avocados really do live up to its title as a superfood. Not only are they super yummy but they’re also super nutritious. Within the buttery texture and green flesh is a great source of nutrients and many health benefits:

○ Omega-3 type fatty acids, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, good for the heart
○ Antioxidants from lutein, great for eye health, prevent damage from UV light and reduce cataract degeneration
○ Fiber, aids your digestion, metabolic process and natural toxin expulsion, can contribute to weight loss
○ Potassium, often looked over but crucial to maintaining electrical activity and important body functions
○ Also helps the absorption of other nutrients

And there are so many ways to enjoy all these benefits. My stomach grumbles just thinking about it.

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