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5 Thailand culture facts that will totally amaze you!

There are plenty of interesting things and facts to highlight in Thai culture.

Here are 5 Thailand culture facts that will totally amaze you:

1. Thailand has never been colonised
This country has never been colonized by any European country. In fact, it’s the only country in Southeast Asia that has always been free. You can even see it in the local language way of saying “Thailand”, “Prathet Thai”, which literally means “land of the free”.

2. They don’t open gifts
It is normal not to open gifts until the giver or guest leaves the house. The usual thing to do is to set aside the present, since it would be disrespectful to open it with the other person staring at you.

3. Taking off your shoes is a must
When visiting anyone’s home, taking off your shoes is almost compulsory. The host may tell you “it’s okay, you can leave them on”, but always respect the tradition of leaving them at the entrance of the house. It’s not well seen to enter someone’s home with “all the dirt you picked up from the street”.

4. The head is the most sacred part of the body
Unlike feet, the head is the most sacred part of the body. Unless you have a strong bond with someone, do not dare to touch their heads. And even if you’re close, better avoid this sign of affection when your are in Thailand. You can only do it if you have the explicit permission of the person.

5. You shouldn’t point around Thai people
We (Westerns) usually joke around and point unintentionally, but it’s pretty offensive for them, so try to avoid it. Do not ever point at monks or at pictures of the Royal Family, who are highly respected.
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